The Financial Market Intelligence
applied to Digital Marketing


About LemonAD

LemonAD plans digital business, develops web applications, and manages online campaigns for customers and businesses since 2011. With a revolutionary methodology supported by a Business Intelligence system called AdTrader©, we use the fundamentals of financial market asset management to maximize results and give full transparency to the return on investment for the managed business.

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We unite the best in technology to our entrepreneurial DNA to develop AdTrader©. It is a Methodology, a Business Intelligence system, the name of the professionals who will directly manage your campaigns and a partnership and affiliation program worldwide. See how we can turn Digital Marketing into your company's most profitable investment.


We do not outsource our Core Business, which is to develop online business focused on performance and profitability. Our teams of experts range from planning to monitoring, engineering and design, to managing high-performance campaigns.


All our customers have one feature in common, they believe in the potential of the Internet to generate business and use it to upgrade their results to extraordinary levels. And they rely on LemonAD to achieve these results.

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