AdTrader© - Methodology

The Financial Market Intelligence applied to Digital Marketing


We joined our know-how in technology, digital marketing and financial market to create an methodology for investing in online campaigns that will revolutionize its results, the AdTrader© methodology. Its main concept is:

“Map all digital marketing actions that lead to conversion so that these actions are measurable and optimizable.”

Turning Objectives into Assets

The first step in the AdTrader© methodology is to map all business objectives (those that effectively generate revenue) from our customers and turn them into digital assets. These assets will be the center of all strategies, enabling their tracking and optimization. Here’s an example of an active business goal:

Asset Example

Hyper-Results Orientation

After we map the assets, we expand all the actions that lead to the results in an infinity of data, organized in 4 basic steps, from the acquisition of traffic to the conversion.


All forms of traffic acquisition (target audience) for company properties


All the digital points of presence of the company, where it relates to its audience


All the micro-points of contact of the public with the company, where conversions occur


All conversions that deliver measurable financial results for the business

By dividing each step of the conversion into microscopic levels we generate an enormous amount of information. That’s why we have developed proprietary Business Intelligence software that uses Big Data and automation to optimize our customers’ digital marketing investment to levels never before in the market.

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