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Experts who will sleep and wake up thinking about how to improve their results more and more

And no, we’re not exaggerating…

We do not sell software, we sell End to End Digital Marketing services, from campaign management to traffic attraction to analyzing your business performance through CRM. We create a system where the professionals directly involved in your campaign are paid according to the financial return they bring to you, and you do not pay a penny more for it!

AdTrader© – A tireless Results Optimizer

We have recruited the best experts in the digital market to be our AdTraders. Professionals with academic backgrounds in areas related to engineering, economics, finance, administration, etc. Sound strange?

It is not. He will have all the support of the areas of design, creation, writing, IT, and along with your Account Executive will be responsible for constantly optimizing your campaigns, turning every cent of your investment to the maximum possible result.

It is a professional with the ability to analyze the data generated by our Business Intelligence software, making investment decisions in campaigns based on the real financial return for your company.

AdTrader© does not stop us from delivering leads. Through our CRM, or the integration of your current CRM to our software, it will report to your Account Executive the biggest selling bottlenecks of your company for you to solve together as his pay depends on the actual results it generates for you.

AdTrader Professional
AdTrader Remuneration

How is AdTrader© paid?

Our AdTraders receive a percentage of the commission on the managed campaign funds. They are evaluated according to a single indicator:

The financial payback they generate for the campaigns they manage.

As they generate better results, they are rising in the level of our Operating Table, increasing both the limit of the amount that they manage and the percentage of the commission.

This additional compensation is fully funded by LemonAD and costs nothing to the customer.

Our objectives are to guarantee the best possible result for the client and a high remuneration for the professionals who generate this result.

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