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The State of the Art in Business Intelligence for Digital Marketing

After we map the assets, we expand all the actions that lead to the results in an infinity of data, organized in 4 basic steps, from the acquisition of traffic to the conversion

Performance Indicators Dashboard

In this module you have access to the consolidated data and statistics of your entire marketing operation on your websites and virtual stores. In addition to campaign data from a wide range of sources, you have easy, fully customized access to information that makes a difference to your day-to-day business decisions.

Totalized Data

Totalizing the most important indicators for your business

Evolution Graphs

Graphs for the periods and strategic data

Tabulated Data

Tables for viewing larger and more complete information

Traffic and Download

Data from all traffic sources, sales, downloads, and more!

Sales Funnel Management

Vision of your funnel, with audience profile, whether by product or its operation as a whole

Transparent Access to Information

Direct, straightforward information for fast day-to-day decisions in the palm of your hand

Performance Indicators Dashboard

Project Management

Project Management

Full control of all campaigns and projects in progress right in your client area. Track campaign actions, site creation, optimizations, etc., with deadlines, goals, completed, running and finalized tasks. Find out which products, channels and goals are covered in each campaign.

Total Control

Control the progress of campaign processes and development in detail, with deadlines, goals and status of each

Campaign and Development Actions

Access to not only development actions but also campaigns

Campaign / Project Milestones

Scheduling actions such as shutdowns or campaign activations or strategy changes

Intelligent Budgeting

Business intelligence decision-making based on business intelligence

Efficiency Monitoring

Monitoring campaigns and more efficient actions

Transparency and Control

Marketing and development actions with total transparency of objectives, costs and deadlines

Campaign Management

Your campaigns under strict monitoring by your team and ours! In this module you have full access to everything that occurs at all times of the marketing of your products and services.

Real-time Data

Graphs and statistics in real time of results and actions taken

Campaign Timeline

Timeline for easy viewing of all marketing actions

Friendly Interface

Interacting with critical data in a friendly way

Budget Marketing Intelligence

Intelligent budgeting based on analytical data, the system analyzes, its product, market and objectives

Total freedom

The system suggests the budget but the decision is yours

Best Marketing Intelligence System

We put together complete statistics, market intelligence and total flexibility to fit your business!

Campaign Management

Media Management

Media Management

All your media collection in one place, fully integrated with your marketing efforts, with real-time results measurement. We measured not only social interactions but also the financial results generated for each of the items and their respective channels, making their content marketing performance more accurate and focused on conversion.

Total Control

Control your collection of media files, posts, photo galleries, and more

Visitation and Engagement

Monitoring post channels and their visitation and engagement data

Access and Accompaniment

Easy access for posting, downloading, and tracking

Scheduling System for All Platforms

Scheduling upload and posting content on major social and content platforms

Unique Tracking in the Market

Complete traffic tracking between content posted on social networks

Complete Statistical Data

Complete conversion statistics from posts, videos, photos, and other content marketing actions

Marketing Automation

Fully automated sales funnel actions, stocked with your best content, and fully aligned with your conversion goals. We use the most modern Email Marketing, SMS, Web Notification, and dynamic content tools that adapt to the visitor preferences and conversion windows with multiple ways to increase the conversion of the visitor to your site, blog or virtual store.

Sales Funnel

Complete sales funnel planning for your products since your customer’s first visit

Leads Nutrition

Purchase lead nutrition with the best practices in the market


Public segmentation based on browsing habits, form information, previous purchases, demographics, and more

Channels for Engagement and Conversion

Multiple channels to impact your audience where it is, directly and with content of your interest

Automated and Custom Process

ully automated process that tracks customer flow within the sales funnel

Automatic without being Robotized

Automatic actions, but that converse with their client in a humanized and natural way

Marketing Automation

Monitoring and Security

Monitoring and Security

Monitoring and security systems to keep your site or virtual store always online and secure. Make the most of your campaigns and traffic without interruptions. Exclusive competition monitoring service with complete comparative reports.

Your Website Always Online

Uptime monitoring, which tells you when your site is not online

Do not lose 1 cent per inactivity

Pause your campaign notify automatically when detects that your website is down or with some problem

Maintain Consumer Confidence

Digital certificate tracking, preventing your site from appearing as “unsafe” for the visitor

Your Funnel Always Perfect

Continuous monitoring of your customer’s funnel and shopping journey to avoid broken links / steps

Your Campaign Never Stops

Track the status of ads, campaigns, extensions and forms of payments in marketing channels, avoiding interruptions

Competition Under Surveillance

Exclusive competition monitoring system with alerts for strategic decision making

Leads Management

Complete solution for managing leads, from capture to conversion. Nutrition, monitoring, sales funnel automation, collection and processing of information, demographic data, browsing habits and more.

Modern Tools

The most modern solutions for lead generation and treatment

Beautiful and Functional Forms

Fully customizable forms management

Perfect Segmentation

Taking data from forms, demographics, browsing habits and more

Intelligent and Natural Funnel

Complete sales funnel management with intelligent and humanized automation

Complex Segmentations

Unlimited possibilities for lists and targets based on business decisions and lead data

Each Lead is Unique

Each lead is unique to your preferences to optimize conversions

Leads Management



Our CRM solution provides a complete system for managing your customer relationship. You can follow it from the first contact of your prospect to closing. Diagnose the reasons for not closing sales, improving the performance of your team.

Full Flow of Attendance

CRM will track all contacts made with prospects and leads and their effectiveness

Detect Sales Process Failures

Find out where flaws lie in the sales process and learn how to fix them

Personalized Attendance

Personalized service according to the particulars of each prospect

Integrated CRM and Marketing

Fully integrated with marketing efforts, fueling your team with valuable information

Fully Monitored Conversions

Each conversion performed will power the marketing optimization system

RM + AdTrader = High Performance Marketing

The union of CRM with the AdTrader Platform will boost your sales like you’ve never seen!

Performance Reports

Comprehensive reporting of all aspects of your marketing actions, from capturing visitors through paid or organic traffic, lead management, curation and content management, monitoring and security, CRM, and cross-referencing of any of these items.

Traffic and Lead Generation

Comprehensive traffic and lead generation data from all sources, as well as complete statistical and demographic data

Content Marketing

Information of the performance of your media contents, your valuation according to your participation in the general conversion and of each objective

Campaigns and Conversions

Track campaign actions, sales funnels, and conversions

Security and Access Errors

Security reports, uptime, 404 errors and other items that can affect access to your site

Competition in Details

Competited consolidated data, pricing strategies, site stability, product availability, and more

Complex Reports in Seconds

Fully track your marketing results and create complex reports with any data you need

Performance Reports

Administrative System

Administrative System

Administrative area where you control your registration, user, permissions, and relationship data with LemonAD and your Account Executive

Cadastral Data

Administration of company data, contacts, area of operation and all aspects of registration


Area of communication with your account executive and other areas of LemonAD

User and Access

Control of users and their respective levels of access

Information and Strategies

Management of sensitive business information for campaigns, as well as strategic and financial data

Affiliation and Commissioning

Affiliate data management, customers indicated on the platform and their commissioning

Centralized Management

Centralized management of your company’s relationship with LemonAD

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